Monday, January 31, 2011

Who do you blue?

So, in other news, the sky is blue, when visible of course.
Oh hey there friends, what's going on?

Lately, I've been thinking, (I know, quite a dangerous pastime, but I can't help myself) and well, I've decided that I'm a person. Yeah, it's a big step, really big, like huge; but I feel it's about time that I let everyone know.

So now that I've gotten that out, I've gotta say, life is just something else, isn't it? Especially if you are living. But really, what's with living? What makes us so enthusiastic, or so dissatisfied, or even nostalgic? What in our minds makes us feel what we feel, how do we control our bodies, and how do we do all that we do do? something to think about, just food for thought, that's all it is, that's all.

So lately, I've been feeling a bit lonely, no big deal or anything, I just really want to matter to someone, someone who's living in a close vicinity that I could communicate with daily that it wouldn't be a hassle, or a time consumer to speak with them face to face. Is that selfish? I sure hope not, because being selfish is something I like to avoid whenever possible.

When life get's you down, you know what you gotta do? Well, neither do I, but I'm still happy either way. If a random statement from me is found to be humorous, wouldn't that mean anything I say is funny? Would it! Huh?! WOULD IT! Don't answer that question, I was a little over zealous there.

So I got this thing I do, and it's not to original, and some people don't appreciate it, but I'm wondering if you would appreciate it. I sing... Yeah yeah yeah, anybody can sing (just about) I know, but I do it to live, not just because I like to do it. Don't get me wrong, I like to sing, in fact I love to sing, but I do it to live too, and I hope I can do it for a living in the near/far future. After I do some sort of service for 2 years. Is this somehow an excitement to you? Do you want to hear me sing? Do ya? Maybe I'll make a video of me singing sometime, and then you can hear it.

Do you like how I'm assuming somebody is reading this? It's really quite humorous, to think that somebody would be reading this, but maybe somebody is, and that would be cool. It would be one step closer to feeling more important.

I'm sure some of you may know this, but God is good. He's so good, in fact, that he made you! Yeah, isn't that great? Because, believe me or not, but you're pretty amazing, in fact, you're a miracle! Really! I honestly believe that you are worth more than all the money and gold and jewels in the world. You're probably wondering "How could you think that of me? You don't know me!" Well, I do know you're a child of God, and by default, you're super amazing!

Well, I think I might be wrapping this one up, but before I go, I have a question for you? What do you live for? What is your passion; what makes you, you?

That's all, and I wish you a very merry day. Have a good one!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The first, but not the last... hopefully.

Well, I finally did it, I committed the worst crime possible, thinking that any of you would want to read this. Actually, that's not the worst crime possible, but I like to flatter myself.

So really, I'm gonna be posting the most outrageous stuff you've ever heard, *cue musical facial expression*.
That's what I'm hoping for at least, but really, nobody needs to read this, but it would be appreciated, somewhat...

Well, now to say something that means something, I'm a just a guy trying to get all the thinks out of his head and possibly documented somehow so I can maybe recall them. Maybe it'll be like an online journal... that everyone can read... But only time will tell what it ends up being.

Maybe I'll get famous and go onto talk shows and end up making millions for writing what's down in my mind, but that's highly unlikely (but still...).

So I guess I'll be signing off for now, thanks for being you, stay you. Nobodies better at being you more than you are. Peace, and some sort of tasty food.♪