Saturday, January 29, 2011

The first, but not the last... hopefully.

Well, I finally did it, I committed the worst crime possible, thinking that any of you would want to read this. Actually, that's not the worst crime possible, but I like to flatter myself.

So really, I'm gonna be posting the most outrageous stuff you've ever heard, *cue musical facial expression*.
That's what I'm hoping for at least, but really, nobody needs to read this, but it would be appreciated, somewhat...

Well, now to say something that means something, I'm a just a guy trying to get all the thinks out of his head and possibly documented somehow so I can maybe recall them. Maybe it'll be like an online journal... that everyone can read... But only time will tell what it ends up being.

Maybe I'll get famous and go onto talk shows and end up making millions for writing what's down in my mind, but that's highly unlikely (but still...).

So I guess I'll be signing off for now, thanks for being you, stay you. Nobodies better at being you more than you are. Peace, and some sort of tasty food.♪

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