Friday, March 25, 2011

Just when you think you're an apricot...

Life will come and tell you that you are an orangutan. This may not seem fair, but it's how life if, and if it want you to be a primate, so be it, I guess you'll have to be!

So, I'm on a Stevie kick right now, Stevie Wonder that is. Of course it's not really surprising that I would, because his music is more than music, it's love! I've always wondered how he got so good, being blind and all, but his ears must have been so attuned. But I guess that's what made him so great, was his blindness, because music wasn't about the presentation or the lights or anything like that, it was about the music, and that's all. That's all it needs to be about, and that's all people should care about in music. I know I strive for it, and if I don't get it in what I listen to, I don't listen to that song anymore.

I'd like to post this video of one my friends when he was but a young lad, it's kind of funny.

Well, what did ya think? Pretty funny eh? No worries though, the kitten was not harmed, just a little used...

I really just can't think of much else to say, so I guess I won't, but in the mean time of not saying things, I will ask this question, as I always do.

What is the best way to wish? Is it on a star, or perhaps the birthday wish is the best? Just tell me what you think, I'd like to know!

Farewell fare friends, and please have a good day, or else I'll cry...

See ya!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Following the same road over

As most people would expect, I'm not a lab rat. I consider myself rather lucky, but I'm usually the one who tests things out first before others will. Some people might call it bravery, others stupidity, take your pick. I'm not afraid to own up to my doings and my faults. So there!

When you say, you're dying of hunger, why don't you do what you say? Because it's too hard, you're not really dying, and the world has issues with lying like that! Wow, we need to stop complaining and lying so much, it's hurts our integrity as human beings, dang!

I can't seem to focus on writing much right now, so I think I will try harder. This is for all those people who have to think about breathing, and can't breath without concentrating. No, I'm not one of them, BUT! I feel for them, because every now and then I forget to breath. But that's all in the past, and we can look to a brighter *GASP* future. Dang! Well, now we'll try again, and this ti *GASP* me, I'll do i... oh what the heck, I'm fine with random gasps, it keeps people on their toes, and me too.

So, did you hear about the earthquake. It was in my mind, and my stomach, most likely because I'm hungry, most likely, not necessarily.

Okay side note here, I'm talking to someone, and I'm not sure how I know them. Can you say, awkward? Wow, that was one of the weirdest moments of my life. I feel slightly violated. As if I was hit on by a gay guy, it doesn't feel good.... Bleh!

I beat the box quite a bit, but you probably didn't know that, did you? But of course, that's not important, what's important is that I'm listening to jazz music, and I love it so. Oh, and just so you know, if somebody texts you, or sends you a message, or something to that effect, you don't have to respond if it's a good place to end things on. If they want to keep talking to you, they'll find something else to say. I promise.

When's the last time you embarked on a journey? Well, I think embarking is half the fun, the begging is just so fresh and new, then the rest of the journey can be fun, but when you look back, you wish you knew what you did now, it would have made it so much easier. But then you think, you wouldn't be the same person if things were easier. So you recant your wanting to things to be easier. Sometimes I even wish for things to be harder, so I would grow more. I'm just a strange lad like that, yeah, I know.

What I really dislike about the 70's, 80's, and the early 90's is their big hairdos, not a big fan of those. Oh, and a lot of the music bugs me too, but I was just talking about hair right now. I really like hair, when it's done right, most of the time nowadays it's done pretty well. But sometimes it's not, and it can irk me...

So now it's time for the question that I ask every time. Here goes: What would life be like if we had only 4 of the 5 senses? What would happen if everyone in the world didn't have a sense of taste? How much would our world change?

Well, signing off now, but just remember, I love ya! Bye now!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's been far too long

I apologize for the delay in my posting, but I've been super busy. Super. Thusly I couldn't post, but it's okay, because I still love you anyway, in a non-romantic fashion, most likely, depending on who you are of course, but I'm mostly just generalizing here, and rambling... a bit.

So, I bet you didn't know that... wait, you did? What, are you a stalker? No? Oh, so you overheard me speaking to someone in my room when you in the tree by my room? Oh, okay. That's certainly not creepy, at all. Well, since you already knew, it saves me some time.

I have many eyes, okay, well, only two, but that's more than some people, and obviously that makes me unique, in a way. Did you ever hear about the one legged pirate? He only had one leg, as if he couldn't be more original. Like being a half hearted pirate. Well, that would be kind of difficult to live, and talk about commitment issues, only being able to put half your heart into something, what a bummer life would be.

To continue the story I started writing earlier, I'm gonna continue I've decided, so here goes:
*Daniel was a really talented lad, and was always doing woodwork. He made many things, such as musical instruments, or chair/tables. Just stuff like that. He would always put little trinkets and gifts in his letters to Roxy, and she loved this, and felt that these were a part of him she could keep. So Daniel, when he wasn't writing letters to Roxy, he was using this great skill. The reason he locked up in this structure is so he could build these things. Some people discovered his talent and have been using him to get much wealth, at his cost. Daniel really didn't mind that they were getting wealth from his talent, he could care less about money. What really bothered him was that they gave him no credit for his beautiful works of art, not only that, they had no respect for his talents, all they saw was profit. They had no idea that he was communicating with someone other than family, and if they found out, they would destroy what kept him in the tower; his greatest work of art. They threatened to burn this magnificent structure if he didn't do what they asked. (I won't tell what this great work of art is yet, because I just feel as if I shouldn't, and I don't know what it is yet...) So he secretly sent letters to Roxy, made works of art, and sometimes would practice on the instruments he made.*

Wow, wasn't that interesting, and would you believe I'm making it up on the spot? Yeah, if I planned it out, it wouldn't be as much of me as I would want, but then again, if I did, it would sure be a little more polished. But that's it for today, at least for that story today.

I might, or might not have a crush on a girl. Of course I'd believe you know what that means, but if you don't, tough. I know that seems mean, but I'm blunt, in some ways...
So, I've known this girl for a while, but I didn't realize this until about mid January, early February-ish. Also, I don't really know if she likes me back, but I have some hope. She's rather hard to read, and she's super nice, so I don't know if she's just putting up with me, or likes me, because she treats everyone with respect. Yeah, she's pretty much great, and I still can't figure her out, but she's one the people I enjoy being around the most, so I guess that counts for something, yeah?

So the question I have (not the "official" question for this post) is how would I go about wooing said girl? Also, how can I find out, in a subtle way, if she likes me too?

Anyway, I hope you guys know how much I appreciate you. Not many people will give me the time of day (although that's hard to give) so thanks for listening to my rantings and stupid ideas and thoughts. Oh, and if you haven't read any other part but this, I still appreciate you, just not as much, just not as much, for obvious reasons.

So, the real question I'm gonna leave you with is this:
How do you think the idea of extra terrestrial life came about? And do you believe in it? DO YOU?

Cheers, have a good one. Bye. Goodbye, okay, I think I'm gonna really say it this time. So long. I'll miss you...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And now, for the grand finale...

Ta da! That was a pretty grand finale, okay, so I lied, but I tried my best and that's all that matters, right? I'm so glad you agree, or else I would have to SKIN YOU! Or just cry, can't decide which yet though, so, I'll keep you posted. I'm playing the piano on the keyboard right now, it's rather grand and stunning music. If you don't like piano music, I'm gonna say you have no soul; even if you do have a soul. If was a young warthog, I'd be a singing warthog, with big dance numbers and millions of people in the audience! They would all applaud me and I would feel so important. Then I would go home to nobody and probably cry myself to sleep because I had nobody to share my feelings with. Eventually I'd consider giving myself as the main dish at a feast because I would get so down hearted. But then I would realize it's what people think about you, it's what God thinks about you. So then I would cheer up and go and seek some friendships that would last. Eventually I'd be so happy all the time, I'd give all my money to charity and live in a humble abode with not much but the necessities. This would make me so happy and I could do my music and dance, and not worry about what others thought of me. What a glorious thought, no? But that's only if I was a young warthog. Oh, and my warthog name would be Riij√°.

If I had plenty of money in the real world, I would probably find little use for it all. It would be difficult. What makes me think of this is my friend gets to fly for free because her mother works for an airlines company. She flew to California for a day, just to have lunch! CRAZY I SAY! CRAZY! I wonder where else she's been, and if it's still free to fly out of the country...

So, I feel often as if my life is part of a bigger story. That maybe I'm just a small role in somebodies life, or maybe I'm a huge role in that same life. Maybe I'm the main character though, and if so, I wonder what others in heaven think of my story. Sometimes I wish I knew how it would end, but then I think of how much that would ruin, and how if we knew the endings, we couldn't live it as we would like to. You gotta take the ups with the downs, and vice-versa. Now I'm just rambling on and on, making no sense of anything and completely making a fool of myself, so, what else is new?

Swagger! I have none, or so I would like everyone to think. I'm actually a gangster in disguise, and I'm planning on... something... I know I'm so mysterious and I'm probably the very worst gangster you've ever seen. Either that, or it's all an act, and I'm a really good actor. I'm feeling jazz today, but I can't translate it the way I would like to, or the way in which it can be interpreted. When I'm feeling something like that, I just wish I had the translation skills, because it's all there inside me, it just can't find an escape route. Pity, real pity. Of course this is all an opinion.

So I would appreciate comments to my posts, it would make it feel more worth my time and such as. So please leave comments, but only if you want to, I don't want to force anybody to do something they don't want to.

Question, as always:
What's up with people always bashing on airplane food? They paid for the flight and it's the least they could do to put up with a little bit of the food. It's not a restaurant or anything like that. So, what's your opinion on this? Eh?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Didn't you know?

This may come as a surprise, but the world doesn't revolve around me, yeah. I just learned this, and I think my world is a little shattered, but I'm picking up the pieces, I just need to go buy some glue. But honestly, I already knew, I just wanted you guys to know, because I'm sure that's quite the surprising bit information you've gotten recently.

So, recently I went down to St. George, (that's about three or so hours away from my residential building) and I really to show you guys some pictures of my adventure, so here are all the pictures that I took:

Weren't those pictures great? Yeah, I know. Zero Pictures is a lot, but I just had to show you guys, and I knew you would appreciate some pictures. Speaking of, I'd like to show you some more pictures, but I won't because I have no pictures to show you; I know it's sad, but I think you'll live (most likely).

So you know when you think you know how somebody acts and how they live and then you spend a day with them and discover that they aren't what you think, well I had an experience like that, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Who knew you had so much in common with someone who you thought was and opposite of you. In fact I could almost swear we're related if we didn't have so many physical differences. I hope that you guys can have an experience such as I had!

Gold, oh gold. Did you ever dream in gold? I have, and I can tell you, it makes you wish that could wake up. Dreaming in gold is very distracting and makes you feel so very strange, I don't recommend it, but dreaming in green is very refreshing, you should do that one. Or if you prefer, you could dream in blue, not as energizing as green, but just as satisfying and certainly worthwhile. Although, if you dream in some of these too much, it makes harder to wake up, and if you have early morning commitments it can be rough. Don't over do your dreaming.

Squiggly line separations make me upset. I never quite understood why it couldn't be a straight line, or a dotted/perforated line, those just make more sense to me, but hey, what can ya do?

I have story for you, so grab some popcorn and get comfy because it's gonna be a good one, I think.

*Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. The boy and girl were great friends and really enjoyed each others company. The boys name was Daniel, and the girl was Roxy. Even though they were great friends and they enjoyed each other a lot, they never spent a day with each other. The only way they could communicate was through carrier pigeons with projections of there personalities in their letters. They did this with great sentence structure and with an expertise in reading handwriting in a way that let them know how each others personality was.

The way they come to know each other was through an accidental pigeon mix up when Daniel was sending a letter to his cousin who lived next door to Roxy. Roxy got the letter on accident and, even though it's illegal to read private mail, she read the letter and discovered an interesting new person. She sent a letter back describing the mix up and then told him that she liked his phrasing and such as.

Well, they both ended up taking an interest in each other and decided to write each other. They dreamed of a day that they could meet, but they couldn't because Daniel lived in an extremely tall tower that only had a trap door at the roof and no doors or windows. He had no way to escape, but he had plenty of things to keep him busy....*

So, this story will probably continue in my other posts, but we'll see what happens, yeah?

And that's all the time we have, tune in next time (if you want to).

I've got a question for you again, what's your favorite dog breed? Why is this breed your favorite?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's Up Home Ghost?

Feeling it, differently, but still feeling it. You know what, I want to make you laugh, so I'll tell you a joke.
*Knock knock* "Why, whoever is there?" "You know." "No I don't, actually, but that's okay, but if was anyone worth knowing, I would know, so goodbye now."

Yeah? YEAH? No? Well, hey, I just made that one up, so it's still in the prototype stage... Yeah, okay, not really, but I'd like to think it made somebody laugh. Like somebody in Fiji, because those people from Fiji have great senses of humor. I wonder what it's like in Fiji right now. I bet it's warmer than FREAKIN' UTAH! Golly, I did I just yell? Well, it must have been for a good reason, but I can't remember, because I blacked out for a second there, or maybe a little bit longer than a second.

Did you know, January likes my family a lot. So much so that there are 4 children's birthdays in that month. Yeah I know, but soon I will have to say goodbye to January, and hello to singles month. Yes, I don't have a girlfriend, and I'm aware that I'm single, but I like it that way, for now. This is because I don't need that kind of distraction yet. When I go and serve somewhere for 2 years, I'll need to focus on more important things. Like sharing what I know and whatnot.

Hey, do you remember that one time? Yeah, me neither, I wish you did, because it's been bugging me a bit, and I feel as if the world is coming to a "TYPO"! Whoa, sorry about that, sometimes I have computer spasm that end up in crazy-ness. Oh yeah, it's happened a lot. Okay not really, but a guy can dream, can't he? Why am I dreaming about that you ask? Well, that's none of your business. I keep my dreams to myself (mostly) as most people do. Don't be offended, I was just in an interesting mood swing, happens sometimes. I'm sorry, wait, please come back, I don't want it to end like this aaanndd you're gone. Great, well I guess I'll talk to myself then...

So, people are always thinking of what they can do for themselves, what do you think about that? Is that a bod thing, or are they doing something that would not only help them, but in the future help others? Does that even make any sense? No, it doesn't, I made sure of that. (Actually, I didn't, but it was a nice thought... not really, just trying to fill up the parenthesis with nonsense. How am I doing so far? :D)

Do you love love? Love being in love? Love to love those who love love... love? Well, then buy this picture from me, it's full of that sort of stuff. Actually, I'm not selling anything to you, because I don't have anything to sell, nothing at all.

So all this rambling is pretty much pointless, but I promised I would go where my mind took me, and that's where it took me. I don't if people enjoy reading this, considering it's pretty much pointless and had no value whatsoever, but it's good for me to get these things out and into the air, knowing that it's possible for somebody to read all about my mind, even though not many would care.

You should stay home tomorrow, and if you do, I'll give you a virtual high five, and that's totally worth it. Actually, you should probably go and stuff, because it's healthy to make human contact and have relationships. Just because life is hard doesn't mean you should just give up, in fact, it means you should try harder to make it easier. Life may be hard, but it's harder to give up, because then you're just selling yourself to the world and what they want you to be. Going with the flow is probably one of the worst fates you could submit yourself to. If you're not yourself, who are you? What does that make you and what does that mean others can do to you? I sure hope you take your life the way you want it, because that will make you so much happier!

On that note, I would like to shift gears and show you why I'm crazy. Not really, just show a cool video.
Yup, that's some pretty classy jazz. It's my favorite kind of music, but that's beside the point; it's just amazing in itself!

Did you know, girls are cool, and a pain? Yeah, I know, I'm pretty profound. Now, if you're a girl, don't get offended, I still love you even if you're a pain. I just wanted to point out the obvious. Don't get me wrong though, guys are freaking idiots, even worse than girls most of the time! But that is also pretty obvious. So, the reason I bring this up is because there are so many beautiful women, and I can't help but feel things for them, even if it's not what most people consider "love".

So as interesting as this is, I'm gonna closing down shop for today, but this doesn't mean there won't be more posts in the future, actually, there most likely will be, because I'm just that cool, okay, not cool, but... interesting...

But before you go, think about this question, and maybe leave a comment answering it.
When is the best time to pull a prank on somebody, and what would the best prank be?

See ya, thanks for reading. (If you actually did, of course).

Monday, January 31, 2011

Who do you blue?

So, in other news, the sky is blue, when visible of course.
Oh hey there friends, what's going on?

Lately, I've been thinking, (I know, quite a dangerous pastime, but I can't help myself) and well, I've decided that I'm a person. Yeah, it's a big step, really big, like huge; but I feel it's about time that I let everyone know.

So now that I've gotten that out, I've gotta say, life is just something else, isn't it? Especially if you are living. But really, what's with living? What makes us so enthusiastic, or so dissatisfied, or even nostalgic? What in our minds makes us feel what we feel, how do we control our bodies, and how do we do all that we do do? something to think about, just food for thought, that's all it is, that's all.

So lately, I've been feeling a bit lonely, no big deal or anything, I just really want to matter to someone, someone who's living in a close vicinity that I could communicate with daily that it wouldn't be a hassle, or a time consumer to speak with them face to face. Is that selfish? I sure hope not, because being selfish is something I like to avoid whenever possible.

When life get's you down, you know what you gotta do? Well, neither do I, but I'm still happy either way. If a random statement from me is found to be humorous, wouldn't that mean anything I say is funny? Would it! Huh?! WOULD IT! Don't answer that question, I was a little over zealous there.

So I got this thing I do, and it's not to original, and some people don't appreciate it, but I'm wondering if you would appreciate it. I sing... Yeah yeah yeah, anybody can sing (just about) I know, but I do it to live, not just because I like to do it. Don't get me wrong, I like to sing, in fact I love to sing, but I do it to live too, and I hope I can do it for a living in the near/far future. After I do some sort of service for 2 years. Is this somehow an excitement to you? Do you want to hear me sing? Do ya? Maybe I'll make a video of me singing sometime, and then you can hear it.

Do you like how I'm assuming somebody is reading this? It's really quite humorous, to think that somebody would be reading this, but maybe somebody is, and that would be cool. It would be one step closer to feeling more important.

I'm sure some of you may know this, but God is good. He's so good, in fact, that he made you! Yeah, isn't that great? Because, believe me or not, but you're pretty amazing, in fact, you're a miracle! Really! I honestly believe that you are worth more than all the money and gold and jewels in the world. You're probably wondering "How could you think that of me? You don't know me!" Well, I do know you're a child of God, and by default, you're super amazing!

Well, I think I might be wrapping this one up, but before I go, I have a question for you? What do you live for? What is your passion; what makes you, you?

That's all, and I wish you a very merry day. Have a good one!