Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And now, for the grand finale...

Ta da! That was a pretty grand finale, okay, so I lied, but I tried my best and that's all that matters, right? I'm so glad you agree, or else I would have to SKIN YOU! Or just cry, can't decide which yet though, so, I'll keep you posted. I'm playing the piano on the keyboard right now, it's rather grand and stunning music. If you don't like piano music, I'm gonna say you have no soul; even if you do have a soul. If was a young warthog, I'd be a singing warthog, with big dance numbers and millions of people in the audience! They would all applaud me and I would feel so important. Then I would go home to nobody and probably cry myself to sleep because I had nobody to share my feelings with. Eventually I'd consider giving myself as the main dish at a feast because I would get so down hearted. But then I would realize it's what people think about you, it's what God thinks about you. So then I would cheer up and go and seek some friendships that would last. Eventually I'd be so happy all the time, I'd give all my money to charity and live in a humble abode with not much but the necessities. This would make me so happy and I could do my music and dance, and not worry about what others thought of me. What a glorious thought, no? But that's only if I was a young warthog. Oh, and my warthog name would be Riij√°.

If I had plenty of money in the real world, I would probably find little use for it all. It would be difficult. What makes me think of this is my friend gets to fly for free because her mother works for an airlines company. She flew to California for a day, just to have lunch! CRAZY I SAY! CRAZY! I wonder where else she's been, and if it's still free to fly out of the country...

So, I feel often as if my life is part of a bigger story. That maybe I'm just a small role in somebodies life, or maybe I'm a huge role in that same life. Maybe I'm the main character though, and if so, I wonder what others in heaven think of my story. Sometimes I wish I knew how it would end, but then I think of how much that would ruin, and how if we knew the endings, we couldn't live it as we would like to. You gotta take the ups with the downs, and vice-versa. Now I'm just rambling on and on, making no sense of anything and completely making a fool of myself, so, what else is new?

Swagger! I have none, or so I would like everyone to think. I'm actually a gangster in disguise, and I'm planning on... something... I know I'm so mysterious and I'm probably the very worst gangster you've ever seen. Either that, or it's all an act, and I'm a really good actor. I'm feeling jazz today, but I can't translate it the way I would like to, or the way in which it can be interpreted. When I'm feeling something like that, I just wish I had the translation skills, because it's all there inside me, it just can't find an escape route. Pity, real pity. Of course this is all an opinion.

So I would appreciate comments to my posts, it would make it feel more worth my time and such as. So please leave comments, but only if you want to, I don't want to force anybody to do something they don't want to.

Question, as always:
What's up with people always bashing on airplane food? They paid for the flight and it's the least they could do to put up with a little bit of the food. It's not a restaurant or anything like that. So, what's your opinion on this? Eh?

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  1. I think all of our lives are our own story that make up an even bigger story. All of us play many roles in life. The main role in our own, and many other roles in other lives. You play a pretty big role in my life as a friend who has made a difference for good in my life.