Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's been far too long

I apologize for the delay in my posting, but I've been super busy. Super. Thusly I couldn't post, but it's okay, because I still love you anyway, in a non-romantic fashion, most likely, depending on who you are of course, but I'm mostly just generalizing here, and rambling... a bit.

So, I bet you didn't know that... wait, you did? What, are you a stalker? No? Oh, so you overheard me speaking to someone in my room when you in the tree by my room? Oh, okay. That's certainly not creepy, at all. Well, since you already knew, it saves me some time.

I have many eyes, okay, well, only two, but that's more than some people, and obviously that makes me unique, in a way. Did you ever hear about the one legged pirate? He only had one leg, as if he couldn't be more original. Like being a half hearted pirate. Well, that would be kind of difficult to live, and talk about commitment issues, only being able to put half your heart into something, what a bummer life would be.

To continue the story I started writing earlier, I'm gonna continue I've decided, so here goes:
*Daniel was a really talented lad, and was always doing woodwork. He made many things, such as musical instruments, or chair/tables. Just stuff like that. He would always put little trinkets and gifts in his letters to Roxy, and she loved this, and felt that these were a part of him she could keep. So Daniel, when he wasn't writing letters to Roxy, he was using this great skill. The reason he locked up in this structure is so he could build these things. Some people discovered his talent and have been using him to get much wealth, at his cost. Daniel really didn't mind that they were getting wealth from his talent, he could care less about money. What really bothered him was that they gave him no credit for his beautiful works of art, not only that, they had no respect for his talents, all they saw was profit. They had no idea that he was communicating with someone other than family, and if they found out, they would destroy what kept him in the tower; his greatest work of art. They threatened to burn this magnificent structure if he didn't do what they asked. (I won't tell what this great work of art is yet, because I just feel as if I shouldn't, and I don't know what it is yet...) So he secretly sent letters to Roxy, made works of art, and sometimes would practice on the instruments he made.*

Wow, wasn't that interesting, and would you believe I'm making it up on the spot? Yeah, if I planned it out, it wouldn't be as much of me as I would want, but then again, if I did, it would sure be a little more polished. But that's it for today, at least for that story today.

I might, or might not have a crush on a girl. Of course I'd believe you know what that means, but if you don't, tough. I know that seems mean, but I'm blunt, in some ways...
So, I've known this girl for a while, but I didn't realize this until about mid January, early February-ish. Also, I don't really know if she likes me back, but I have some hope. She's rather hard to read, and she's super nice, so I don't know if she's just putting up with me, or likes me, because she treats everyone with respect. Yeah, she's pretty much great, and I still can't figure her out, but she's one the people I enjoy being around the most, so I guess that counts for something, yeah?

So the question I have (not the "official" question for this post) is how would I go about wooing said girl? Also, how can I find out, in a subtle way, if she likes me too?

Anyway, I hope you guys know how much I appreciate you. Not many people will give me the time of day (although that's hard to give) so thanks for listening to my rantings and stupid ideas and thoughts. Oh, and if you haven't read any other part but this, I still appreciate you, just not as much, just not as much, for obvious reasons.

So, the real question I'm gonna leave you with is this:
How do you think the idea of extra terrestrial life came about? And do you believe in it? DO YOU?

Cheers, have a good one. Bye. Goodbye, okay, I think I'm gonna really say it this time. So long. I'll miss you...

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