Saturday, February 5, 2011

Didn't you know?

This may come as a surprise, but the world doesn't revolve around me, yeah. I just learned this, and I think my world is a little shattered, but I'm picking up the pieces, I just need to go buy some glue. But honestly, I already knew, I just wanted you guys to know, because I'm sure that's quite the surprising bit information you've gotten recently.

So, recently I went down to St. George, (that's about three or so hours away from my residential building) and I really to show you guys some pictures of my adventure, so here are all the pictures that I took:

Weren't those pictures great? Yeah, I know. Zero Pictures is a lot, but I just had to show you guys, and I knew you would appreciate some pictures. Speaking of, I'd like to show you some more pictures, but I won't because I have no pictures to show you; I know it's sad, but I think you'll live (most likely).

So you know when you think you know how somebody acts and how they live and then you spend a day with them and discover that they aren't what you think, well I had an experience like that, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Who knew you had so much in common with someone who you thought was and opposite of you. In fact I could almost swear we're related if we didn't have so many physical differences. I hope that you guys can have an experience such as I had!

Gold, oh gold. Did you ever dream in gold? I have, and I can tell you, it makes you wish that could wake up. Dreaming in gold is very distracting and makes you feel so very strange, I don't recommend it, but dreaming in green is very refreshing, you should do that one. Or if you prefer, you could dream in blue, not as energizing as green, but just as satisfying and certainly worthwhile. Although, if you dream in some of these too much, it makes harder to wake up, and if you have early morning commitments it can be rough. Don't over do your dreaming.

Squiggly line separations make me upset. I never quite understood why it couldn't be a straight line, or a dotted/perforated line, those just make more sense to me, but hey, what can ya do?

I have story for you, so grab some popcorn and get comfy because it's gonna be a good one, I think.

*Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. The boy and girl were great friends and really enjoyed each others company. The boys name was Daniel, and the girl was Roxy. Even though they were great friends and they enjoyed each other a lot, they never spent a day with each other. The only way they could communicate was through carrier pigeons with projections of there personalities in their letters. They did this with great sentence structure and with an expertise in reading handwriting in a way that let them know how each others personality was.

The way they come to know each other was through an accidental pigeon mix up when Daniel was sending a letter to his cousin who lived next door to Roxy. Roxy got the letter on accident and, even though it's illegal to read private mail, she read the letter and discovered an interesting new person. She sent a letter back describing the mix up and then told him that she liked his phrasing and such as.

Well, they both ended up taking an interest in each other and decided to write each other. They dreamed of a day that they could meet, but they couldn't because Daniel lived in an extremely tall tower that only had a trap door at the roof and no doors or windows. He had no way to escape, but he had plenty of things to keep him busy....*

So, this story will probably continue in my other posts, but we'll see what happens, yeah?

And that's all the time we have, tune in next time (if you want to).

I've got a question for you again, what's your favorite dog breed? Why is this breed your favorite?

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