Thursday, March 3, 2011

Following the same road over

As most people would expect, I'm not a lab rat. I consider myself rather lucky, but I'm usually the one who tests things out first before others will. Some people might call it bravery, others stupidity, take your pick. I'm not afraid to own up to my doings and my faults. So there!

When you say, you're dying of hunger, why don't you do what you say? Because it's too hard, you're not really dying, and the world has issues with lying like that! Wow, we need to stop complaining and lying so much, it's hurts our integrity as human beings, dang!

I can't seem to focus on writing much right now, so I think I will try harder. This is for all those people who have to think about breathing, and can't breath without concentrating. No, I'm not one of them, BUT! I feel for them, because every now and then I forget to breath. But that's all in the past, and we can look to a brighter *GASP* future. Dang! Well, now we'll try again, and this ti *GASP* me, I'll do i... oh what the heck, I'm fine with random gasps, it keeps people on their toes, and me too.

So, did you hear about the earthquake. It was in my mind, and my stomach, most likely because I'm hungry, most likely, not necessarily.

Okay side note here, I'm talking to someone, and I'm not sure how I know them. Can you say, awkward? Wow, that was one of the weirdest moments of my life. I feel slightly violated. As if I was hit on by a gay guy, it doesn't feel good.... Bleh!

I beat the box quite a bit, but you probably didn't know that, did you? But of course, that's not important, what's important is that I'm listening to jazz music, and I love it so. Oh, and just so you know, if somebody texts you, or sends you a message, or something to that effect, you don't have to respond if it's a good place to end things on. If they want to keep talking to you, they'll find something else to say. I promise.

When's the last time you embarked on a journey? Well, I think embarking is half the fun, the begging is just so fresh and new, then the rest of the journey can be fun, but when you look back, you wish you knew what you did now, it would have made it so much easier. But then you think, you wouldn't be the same person if things were easier. So you recant your wanting to things to be easier. Sometimes I even wish for things to be harder, so I would grow more. I'm just a strange lad like that, yeah, I know.

What I really dislike about the 70's, 80's, and the early 90's is their big hairdos, not a big fan of those. Oh, and a lot of the music bugs me too, but I was just talking about hair right now. I really like hair, when it's done right, most of the time nowadays it's done pretty well. But sometimes it's not, and it can irk me...

So now it's time for the question that I ask every time. Here goes: What would life be like if we had only 4 of the 5 senses? What would happen if everyone in the world didn't have a sense of taste? How much would our world change?

Well, signing off now, but just remember, I love ya! Bye now!

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